How to Get a Professionally Decorated Christmas Tree

How to Get a Professionally Decorated Christmas Tree (without hiring a professional!)Less is definitely less when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree. Now’s the time to go overboard and pile on the goodies! Start with a color scheme and/or theme.
  • This should compliment the room that the tree will be in.
  • Layering varying versions of the same color (meaning, use shades of reds, greens, golds, browns, etc.) will provide more visual depth and richness.
  • Select a theme or scheme that reflects your personality or things you already have or natural elements (which can help to keep the costs down).
  • Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. A traditional, sophisticated tree doesn’t have to be red and gold. Black and white will give you a stunning formal look. Hot pink and lime green are fun non traditional colors.
 Lights – use more than you think you need!!
  • Use a MINIMUM of 100 lights per foot of tree. (Personally, I double that.)
  • Always check to make sure they work before putting them on the tree.
  • Use non-flashing lights. Flashing lights make a tree appear garish and fight with the ornaments for attention.
  • Wrap the trunk and light from inside out, making sure to cover from the inside of the tree to the outer tips of the branches.
  • Use lights with green cords if you have a green tree. Use white cords if your tree is flocked.
 Add the largest and most unique items first.
  • Put the largest items on the tree first because they take up the most space. Be sure to balance their placement over the tree.
  • Use ribbon, bead strands (old jewelry is great), popcorn stings, florals, feathers, birds, and children’s toys.
  • Use non-traditional items – large and small.
  • Varying the sizes and shapes provides interest.
  • Cluster several ornaments together for a big impact.
  • Use large ornaments on a small tree to diminish its slight size.
  • Balance your tree’s ornaments using the majority of the largest ornaments at the bottom, medium size ones in the center and the smallest ornaments toward the top. Its good to mix it up, but a really large ornament at the top of the tree will look misplaced.
  • Be careful not to clump – stand back and evaluate all sides, often.
  • Use sprays and picks to fill in the gaps. This gives the tree maximum fullness.
  • Hang ornaments that don’t belong with the theme to the inside of the tree; hang ones that advance the theme to the outer edges of the branches.
 Use unusual toppers
  • Make a statement with large bows, sprays of eucalyptus, feathers, bells, berries, branches and glittery sprays.
  • Make it large enough so that it doesn’t look dwarfed or like an after-thought.
 Under the tree
  • Forego the tree skirt, save some money and add more interest by using sheets, tablecloths, old drapery panels, or fabric remnants that coordinate with your color scheme.
  • Coordinate your gift wrap to complete the look.
- Amy Thumpston, Accents by Amy 2008